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Tamper Evident Remote Video Interviewing

Create and hold secure interviews with anyone, anywhere and on any device with the confidence that the content can always be proven to be authentic.

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Private, Secure, and Authentic.

Remote video interviewing that meets information security and evidential integrity standards.

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Discover The Advanced Features of MeaConnexus

Safeguard your video interviews with our cutting-edge technology and ensure tamper evident digital records.

Silent Observers

Improve your interviews with Silent Observers. Invite individuals or teams to observe and contribute to the interview process without participants being aware.

Bookmarking and Annotation

Create key point bookmarks and provide the ability for the interviewer or investigation teams to annotate them to enable jumping straight to the most relevant information quickly.

Evidentially Secure

Your video interview data is transmitted and stored with the highest levels of encryption and is manged to NIST and CJIS* standards (*USA).

Automatic Transcription

Save hours of time by automatically creating time coded, named entry, speech to text transcription of the video interview – available immediately at the end (Supports 96 different languages).

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Does It Need To Be Face-to-Face?

Minimise your time and travel costs to free up resources and improve productivity.

Increase Productivity

Instantly create and share meeting links to securely connect with users.

Improve Public Perception

Reduce investigation times and respond to victims faster with online face to face contact.

Reduce Backlog

Reducing travel time allows teams to conduct more remote interviews per day.

Meet Sustainability Targets

Reduce carbon output through reducing travel substantially and help to meet your organizational sustainability targets.

Reduce Frustration

Access, retrieve and manage interview data as an individual or in groups through a simple, easy to use interface.

Better Outcomes

Memory recall fades rapidly. Get better quality evidence through reaching victims, witnesses and claimants quicker.

Benefits of Remote Video Interviewing

MeaConnexus will help you to: save time, save money, work more effectively, become more sustainable and improve public / customer satisfaction.

Share Securely

Efficiently manage cases and collaborate seamlessly. Create user groups mirroring your organisation’s structure. Collaborate, review, and annotate video interviews for enhanced analysis and shared insights.

Demonstrate Authenticity

Blockchain technology is used to create a tamper evident seal for your records. The seal is "broken" if the original content has been manipulated or edited in any way.

Audit Everything, Automatically

Let MeaConnexus systematically build a transparent audit trail showing the complete history of your files as you and your colleagues review, share, or update files as needed.

Ever increasing demands on law enforcement means that police departments and agencies must think differently. MeaConnexus provides cutting edge technology to perform secure and tamper evident investigative interviews, depositions, formal hearings, and meetings without the need for ‘in person’ contact. The savings and efficiencies therefore will be significant enabling such interviews with the likes of victims, witnesses, staff and partners to take place on-line, in a secure, encrypted environment, supported with live time auto transcription and preserved evidentially for future use. This will enable law enforcement to conduct their business more effectively.

Former Deputy Assistant Commissioner, National Counter Terrorism Policing CoordinatorMetropolitan Police Service

As a charitable organisation that investigates miscarriages of justice, confidentiality and reliability are key issues when undertaking video interviews of witnesses in our criminal cases. Issured’s encrypted blockchain security and transcript functionality were key attractors to Inside Justice when choosing to use this robust and professional product.

Chair of TrusteesInside Justice

Zurich have worked in close partnership with Issured to integrate MeaConnexus into our existing counter fraud investigation processes. Remote interviewing is a key investigative component for modern counter fraud teams and MeaConnexus provides a next gen solution to empower our investigators to get the best results. The product provides us with a highly secure and intuitive method by which to manage, conduct and maintain remote interviews, building on prior existing solutions with a range of innovative new features. Most importantly, we are enjoying working in true partnership with Issured, who have taken a collaborative, knowledgeable and agile approach to ongoing product development.

Scott Clayton & David Clements,Head of Claims Fraud, Claims Fraud Operations Manager

Preserve the Facts

Never worry about legal challenge or doubt again. Protect yourself from unnecessary delays and costs by proving your digital authenticity as standard.

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Preserve the Facts

Never worry about legal challenge or doubt again. Protect yourself from unnecessary delays and costs by proving your digital authenticity as standard.

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First Floor, Unit 18
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