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About Mea Digital Evidence Integrity 

The Mea Digital Evidence Integrity suite of products has been developed by UK based consultancy, Issured Ltd. Benefitting from years of experience working in defence and security, Issured recognised the growing threat from digital disinformation and developed the Mea Digital Evidence Integrity Suite of products to ensure digital media can be trusted.
MeaConnexus is a secure investigative interview platform designed to protect the evidential integrity of the interview content. With features designed to support and improve effective investigations, MeaConnexus can be used anytime, anywhere and on any device, with no need to download any software.
MeaFuse has been designed to protect the authenticity and integrity of any digital media from the point of capture or creation anywhere in the world. Available on iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS MeaFuse digitally transforms the traditional chain of custody to ensure information is evidential.

Disclaimer and Copyright 

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We have not independently verified the sources in this article, and Issured Limited assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the sources.
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